Moyogi or Informal upright style Bonsai


Moyogi or informal upright-style Bonsai is quite similar to Chokkan (formal upright) style Bonsai in that the tree has a tapering, upright trunks with the branches being thickest and broadest at the bottom and thinnest and shortest at the top. But the trunk itself is not straight. It will angle or snake its way skywards, but the apex of the tree should be positioned directly over the point where the tree enters the soil. Another favoured aspect of Moyogi style Bonsai is the positioning of the branches – they should protrude from the outer sides of the curved trunk, not from the inside as this would never happen in the wild.

Moyogi style Bonsai are extremely popular as they are quite easy to create – the most difficult part is the positioning of the apex – and they look stunning throughout the year. And this visual appeal applies to both evergreen trees and deciduous, even when they drop their leaves in the late Autumn.

The curved trunk appeals so highly to many Bonsai enthusiasts as it gives the impression of flow and movement. They also appeal to the Bonsai enthusiast as it’s easily possible to find suitable material to create a Moyogi style Bonsai, with new stock readily available in all good stockists. Plus there’s a very high chance that you may stumble upon suitable stock for long-term projects at any good garden centres. And failing that, you can easily grow cuttings and gradually bend the plant’s trunk into the desired position as it grows.

Ideal species for Moyogi Bonsai

The list of plants suitable for creating Moyogi Bonsai is almost endless. Coniferous or deciduous trees can be used – even fruiting trees too. Among the most favoured are the following:

  • Japanese White Pine (Pinus)
  • Crab Apple (Malus )
  • Trident Maple (Acer)
  • Japanese Maple (Acer)
  • Juniper (Juniperus)
  • Ponderosa Pine (Pinus)
  • Beech (Fagus)
  • Pomegranate (Punica)
  • Black Pine (Pinus)
  • Conifers

Click here for more in-depth information on the various styles of Bonsai.

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